We do not need money, and can still do business. Economists call money the “oil” in the system, and as fossile fuel is going to end, so is money. The world has done business without money long before banks existed. Krösus got rich because he coined money. Many people get rich because they are in the Money Markets or print money.

Here we come. We believe money has become abundant and lost value. We can do business, buy and sell, and do this with modern technology of matching.  All it needs you remember you have things to exchange: your services, something you like to trade in, barter with something else, and you do not need money to do that.

We are exited showing you a new way how to get your life organized, own things you never thought you would ever call yours because you had not the money to afford them. Come and do secure banking without money.

Are we not all concerned that the price of money skyrockets ?   See what happens if it happens…

Your nomoney team